Pub Crawl is Rory's tale of being raised in an Irish pub in Cleveland by his single mom and all the bar's eclectic patrons. Rory tells his hilarious coming of age story using classic Irish pub songs from The Wolftones, U2, Van Morrison and more with music direction by Stephen Oremus.

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 PUB CRAWL is a great story and a great ride. Rory is an absolute joy to see perform live. I love him in everything he does. To see him tell his own tale through song and story is a gift. You must see Rory O'Malley's PUB CRAWL. You simply must."” -Matt Stone, creator of South Park & The Book of Mormon

"Rory O'Malley's PUB CRAWL is funny, sweet and ultimately incredibly moving. Plus, no hangover!” -Tim Stack, Entertainment Weekly

"Rory O'Malley relives his youth in the pubs of Cleveland through his music. Rory's one man show had me laughing, crying and left me inspired as he unfolded his astounding story. I am in complete awe of O'Malley's talent. This production needs to be seen by everyone and they should give him a special Tony Award for just this performance.” -David Mixner, Towle Road, author and civi rights activist

"Rory O’Malley's PUB CRAWL is brave, smart, funny, honest and incredibly moving. DO NOT MISS!” -Hunter Bell, Title of Show

"AMAZING story + FANTASTIC music + KILLER band + RORY Muther-Scratchin' O'MALLEY! Stop reading this quote and order your PUB CRAWL tickets NOW!!" -Susan Blackwell, Title of Show